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Cannagram’s Women-owned Cannabis Brand

Kate Bailey

Published on April 1, 2022

Cannagram's-Women-Owned Cannabis-Brand-


Founder: Kelley Bruce 

Cannamommy’s mission is to create a safe space for mothers and families to gain access to the most current legal and medical cannabis information available with no fear of judgment or stigma. Unfortunately, there are a lot of unresolved issues for medical marijuana patients in the context of removal, dependency and child custody. Cannamommy also provides a free online resource – the Cannamommy Clinic. It establishes a bridge between the patient and provider to allow for open and honest conversations. They help reduce the fear of CPS or law enforcement and provide a safe space to explore natural medicines such as cannabis. The clinic also offers a variety of free or reduced rate online educational classes, webinars, live in-person events, and sponsorships.  It provides resources for mothers to learn about cannabis & pregnancy, pregnancy care, products, cbd and up-to-date legal information. When you purchase Cannamommy products, they directly support their foundation and mission.

Women have been using cannabis in pregnancy, labor, and postpartum for over 4,000 years.  Not one documented case of birth defects, birth injury, or long-term significant complications.  You can’t say that about any of the pills they offer you.

Kelley Bruce

Founder & CEO, CannaMommy

Mad Lilly / S*Shots

Founder: Judy Yee

Mad Lilly blends the simplest, pure ingredients to craft wildly tasteful cannabis-infused drinks.

Whether it’s a bubbly fruit spritzer or a soothing sleep tonic, their THC-infused drinks offer desired mood-boosting effects with a desirable taste. 

According to their website, “Mad Lilly welcomes a departure from the usual, no matter how small. Because in those departures, beautiful things happen. Perspectives change, creativity blossoms and your world opens up just a little bit more. We encourage the exploration of cannabis (and self) in a way that opens the mind to new sensations, unique ideas and modern wellbeing.”

In addition, they also have their Moms for Mary program. The Mad Lilly team is made of parents, so they understand that with responsible cannabis consumption comes many sides to the conversation ie. wellness, stigma, education…you name it. On their website, you can read a collection of stories written by real parents sharing how they’ve incorporated cannabis into their busy lives. Their mission is to spark curiosity and introduce a new perspective around this magical plant.

Higher Vibrations hand selects cannabis material based on appearance, potency, aroma & taste. Our cannabis is harvested at peak ripeness & frozen throughout the manufacturing process to capture & maintain the cannabinoid profile of the plant giving consumers an entourage effect reflective of the strain’s genetics. Regardless of individual taste, Higher Vibrations is thoughtfully designed for all consumers by providing cartridges, concentrates, and flower. Elevate your cannabis journey through conscious consumption.


Higher Vibrations

Founders: Donna and Kristie Price, Jenni Grillo

20 years ago, Higher began when Donna Price started making her own edibles. She previously had served in the U.S. Army, successfully battled cancer, and currently still suffers an ongoing knee issue that has progressed into multiple surgeries. Through these stages, she found that her body felt the least amount of pain and inflammation when she ate clean and stayed away from heavily processed sugars and flours. 

When she noticed a gap in the market for tasty, gluten-free cannabis edibles on the market, Donna began creating her own that she could enjoy with her family. Donna’s edibles prove that you do NOT need to compromise flavor to create a clean, healthy product. Together with her daughter Kirstie and sister-in-law Jenni, Donna was able to bring her vision to life and create Higher Edibles!

House of Saka

Founder: Cynthia Salarizadeh and Tracey Mason 

House of Saka was founded in 2018 when Cynthia, a cannabis industry insider, and Tracey Mason, a wine industry veteran, came together with a mission to create the world’s FIRST line of luxury, cannabis-infused products made by and for women. Bonding through a shared passion for wine, beauty products and the boundless properties of the cannabis plant, the duo assembled a group of powerful females from both the cannabis and wine industries to help bring their mission to life.

House of Saka’s Vinfusions combine the magic of Napa Valley with state-of-the-art infusion technology for a truly elevated cannabis experience. Sophisticated, social and simply delicious, House of Saka Vinfusions deliver on the promise for a luxury-infused product made by and for women, helping to bring cannabis infusions into the mainstream.

Saka Luxury Infused Beverages bring the past into the present. The venture was founded, and is currently operated, by a team of accomplished and innovative women who strive to provide a sophisticated brand that exemplifies the peaceful, yet powerful warrior in all of us.

Cynthia Salarizadeh

Founder & President

Humboldt Apothecary

Founder: Gillian Levy and Susan Cleverdo

Humboldt Apothecary is a women-founded and operated business nestled in the redwoods of Humboldt County, California. With over 35 years of experience as herbalists, Humboldt Apothecary always considers the most current research when creating new formulas. 

If you haven’t explored their products before, this is a great time to try them out. They are perfect for low-dose consumers who are looking to get their feet wet in the wide world of THC, as well as heavy hitters who need something a little more potent. 

All of Humboldt Apothecary’s liquid THC and CBD-infused tinctures are made using a whole flower solventless process. The result is a full spectrum tincture, where all the different compounds in cannabis work together to create the effective mood you want to achieve.

Humboldt Apothecary believes in justice for all, social causes, and doing right by the environment. They have supported some of the following organizations.

  • Humboldt Baykeeper
  • Last Prisoner Project
  • Black Lives Matter
  • Epic Environmental Protection Agency
  • AAPF


Founders: Manndie Tingler, Mindy Galloway, Kimberly Cargile

The word “khem” (khem-ee-ah) comes from the root words “chemistry” and “alchemy” in ancient Greek and Arabic. The suffix “mia” is the feminine word for “mine” in Latin. The name of this brand speaks to its legacy to revive cannabis artistry and preserve cannabis history through creation of products that work with one’s individual chemistry and alchemy. Furthermore, Khemia is committed to working solely with legacy cannabis farmers and manufacturing experts in order to preserve cannabis history. 

Since the turn of the century, Khemia’s founders have advocated for common sense cannabis regulations, and have been a driving force of change in the California cannabis industry and much more. When Prop 64 passed in 2018, many cannabis operations were facing a total shutdown because navigating the barriers to operating in compliance with the new regulations was just too much. 

One night in a brainstorming session, Mindy, Manndie and Kimberly, came up with a solution. They opened their manufacturing mother company. Each of these strong women combined their unique skill sets and experience with legacy cannabis businesses operators by providing them an equity share in Khemia in exchange for their formulations and product expertise. These formulations and recipes now thrive under the Khemia brand name, creating a brand that ensures legacy cannabis culture. Because of brands like Khemia, the origin of the cannabis movement will never be lost, forgotten, or pushed out of the industry they helped create.


Founders: Amanda Jones and Jennifer Chapin 

Kikoko is a women-owned, women-run company inspired by a friend who battled cancer. Similar to the story of Higher Edibles, Kikoko founders, Amanda and Jennifer, noticed a lack of properly dosed edibles with high-quality ingredients, so they set out to create them themselves as an alternative to traditional pharmaceuticals and alcohol. Their organic, clinically dosed, cannabis-infused products are for people who value wellness and high-quality ingredients. 

Kikoko makes herbal teas, tinctures, mint and more. Based on expert research, each product line is designed to solve a problem. Pairing thoughtful cannabinoid ratios, herbs, vitamins, and adaptogenic ingredients for sleep, anxiety, mood, sex, and pain. 

Kikoko is also committed to sustainability and making an impact, donating a portion of their annual revenue to initiatives that promote cannabis research and reform.


Founder: Kristi Knoblich Palmer

From the Kiva website: “In 2010, a young cannabis-loving couple set out on a mission to create a better edible experience for legal consumers. Scott Palmer and Kristi Knoblich Palmer were inspired by a visit to a local chocolatier, and soon started crafting the first Kiva bars in their home kitchen. They didn’t realize it at the time, but they weren’t just creating a premium edible product, they were setting the gold standard for the entire legal cannabis industry.

In the last decade, our customers’ support has turned our family-owned business into the #1 edibles brand in the country. Today, we are proud to employ 200+ passionate people, and have added Terra, Petra, Camino, and Lost Farm to our happy family of premium cannabis products.

In the last decade, our customers’ support has turned our family-owned business into the #1 edibles brand in the country. Today, we are proud to employ 200+ passionate people, and have added Terra, Petra, Camino, and Lost Farm to our happy family of premium cannabis products.

Our commitment to the highest standards in ingredients remains unparalleled throughout our line of products. This includes using locally-grown cannabis, sustainably-sourced cacao, and all-natural flavors for a range of artisanal products that are as effective as they are enjoyable.”

Sweet Releaf

Founders: Didi Davis (CEO) and Susanna Frohman (Director of Sales and Business Development) 

The story of Sweet Releaf begins with a loved one getting into a serious accident. They watched her suffer through so much pain during numerous surgeries and a running list of pharmaceutical band-aids that did more harm than good.

Sweet Releaf was created out of necessity. Traditional salves and balms are too hard, sticky and stinky and not potent enough to provide lasting pain relief. So, they went to work to create the most effective and enjoyable cannabis topical on the market. They started in a home kitchen combining the best ingredients she could find and perfecting a secret essential oil combination to awaken the senses. They specifically chose to use a high concentration of raw cannabis trichomes, the most potent source of healing, pure cannabinoids and essential oils for pain. Along the way, and with tons of feedback and testimonials, it’s clear that Sweet Releaf helps with a variety of painful ailments.

As for the loved one? Her pain receded in a big way. She was able to get off morphine, fentanyl and a host of other drugs that were making daily life miserable. 

Native Humboldt

Founder: Lindsey Renner

Lindsey is a Native American woman from the Wailaki Tribe. The Wailaki were native to Humboldt County before white incursion when they were enslaved and eventually pushed to a reservation in a neighboring county. The land that holds Native Humboldt Farms was a recreational site for the Waillaki up until the 1860’s, and it belonged to Lindsey’s great great great grandmother Chow-row after white incursion. Lindsey managed to get this historic piece of property back into her possession 15 years ago, and she has been cultivating cannabis here ever since. In the fall after full season crops, she unearths the roots of her cannabis plants, sits under the oaks and weaves baskets. It is safe to say that Native Humboldt Farms is on sacred land, and Lindsey prays that she is making her ancestors proud.

We use regenerative farming practices on Native Humboldt Farms that are reminiscent of our indigenous culture. We use blackberries, yarrow and nettle from our land to create fermented plant and fruit juices, in which we use to nourish our plants. We cover our beds in the off season with the leaves of our  Grandmother Oaks, and we let them slowly compost over the winter. This adds vital microbes and nutrients into our beyond living soil. We try to use as much of the natural native vegetation in our growing practices as possible. We breed microbes and feed our soil compost teas throughout the growing season to ensure our plants have the most readily available nutrients. We believe if given the right conditions, our plants will express their full potential…and they do! Our terpenes are unrivaled, and you can taste and feel the difference. 

BOM Farms

Founder: Becki Delsalvatore

Established in 2016, BOM Farms (Best Organic Medicine) is a group of fully licensed cannabis cultivators located in Northern California. Their founders have been cultivating since the 90’s and are dedicated to producing nothing but the finest flowers and extracts!

BOM Farms has over 10 cannabis awards for extracts and flowers with Hempcon and Emerald Cup.  In 2021 BOM won 3 0f the top 20 places for sun grown cannabis in California.

Good for the mind, body and spirit, they believe cannabis is nature’s original answer for ailments, stress relief, relaxation, focus, creativity, energy, appetite, and pain relief. All BOM products are sourced from BOM Farms, and BOM Farmers only. They use modern sungrown , mixed light and indoor cultivation methods to bring the finest flowers to market. BOM extracts are also made from BOM flowers. No fillers, no added flavors or colors, no added distillate to increase THC percentages, no fake flavors. Just full-spectrum cannabis products. 

Newell’s Botanicals

CEO: Chelsea Dudgeon

Newell’s Botanicals was originally founded by Newell Taylor as a small family business, making natural and organic skin, body, and hair care products and distributing them at local farmers markets in California. In 2016, Chelsea Dudgeon, a medicinal cannabis expert, joined the company and began working on a product to help her grandmother battle severe aches and pains caused by arthritis and decades of manual labor.

Using flowers and herbs she grew herself, Chelsea infused a unique blend of oils with powerful, natural, anti-inflammatory compounds. The result, tested and approved by her grandmother, became Deep Skin Penetrating Topical Oil which was later entered into the prestigious Emerald Cup, the largest cannabis festival and competition in the world.

Deep Skin took first place in the Topicals category in 2016, giving the brand instant validation. They have since won several additional awards.

Her Highness NYC

Founders: Allison Krongard and Laura Eisman

“We craved a premium cannabis experience infused with a sense of play, delivered with style. No one was doing this. So we did it. We each brought to the table our experience and success launching and building female minded companies. We set out to reverse the stigma. It was time for cannabis to rise and meet women at their level. It was our pleasure. And now it is all yours.” Allison Krongard and Laura Eisman, Co-Founders

Not to be mistaken for a lubricant, Her Highness pleasure oil is for sex (with partner or solo). It only requires a few female pleasure-inducing drops to produce a stimulating response. It works by combining both CBD and THC for increased blood flow and muscle relaxation, with a female arousal oil made from a South American medicinal plant extract known for increasing salivation—AKA wetness. Put all these botanical, pleasure powerhouses together in a base of extra virgin olive oil, and you can only guess what kind of female pleasure that means for your nether regions. You won’t get high, but you just might have the best orgasm(s) of your life. 

About Cannagram

Cannagram is a Sacramento-based cannabis delivery service that provides consumers with a hassle-free online ordering experience and speedy delivery to your door. We only offer high-quality products–focusing on cannabis beverages–and provide best-in-class service to improve your cannabis delivery experience.

At Cannagram, we believe everyone should have a cannabis curator who feels like family, and we strive to provide that service to every customer. All products on our curated menu are hand-picked by industry experts, and our easy-to-navigate online store includes clear imagery, detailed product descriptions, and informative content about our products.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us anytime at 916-909-0420!

We accept cash, debit, and credit card at delivery! Order by 8:00 PM Mon-Sat and 6:00 PM Sun for same-day delivery.